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Contract for Genealogical Research


This agreement is made the ______ day of ______ 2014, by and between Gail E. Smith dba as Willow Road Genealogy herein referred to as “WRG” and ___________ herein referred to as “Client.” This agreement is intended to be a contract between Client and WRG for professional genealogical research.

WRG will perform this work as an independent contractor in accordance with prevailing professional standards in genealogy. WRG will perform genealogical research for Client and in doing so will follow all of the guidelines and Code of Ethics established by the Association of Professional Genealogists and the National Genealogical Society. Copies can be found on the WRG website: www.willowroadgenealogy.com.

This research will require a consultation and review of your existing information and documentation and forming a research plan after an evaluation of Client’s materials. Client’s information and materials will be reviewed for accuracy and then we will evaluate Client’s objectives based on either an hourly plan or a research package offered by WRG. All reports provided by WRG will be sourced and documented and copies and/or original documents will be included.  WRG may not be able to solve all genealogical problem(s).  WRG will use all available resources and do our very best to locate your ancestors and documents,  but also provides no guarantee that any or all ancestors or documents will be located as a result of a search. A brief description of the services and/or project that WRG will perform for Client is as follows: ____________________________________________________________________



All information and documents provided by Client that is not public record will be kept confidential; this information will not be shared with a third party. In addition WRG will keep confidential Clients name, address, phone or any other identifying information.

The information obtained in this report or project can be used at will. Client may share, publish (journal, magazine, newspaper, pamphlet) or distribute on the Internet any information in the reports and documents discovered and produced by WRG. Client resumes all responsibility for accurate transmission of information provided by WRG, public records being the exception. Client will credit WRG as the source and WRG retains the copyright to the report or project.

Genealogical services will be performed at a rate of $35 per hour unless a WRG package has been selected. A deposit of 50% is required upon signature of this agreement. The final payment is due upon completion of the project. WRG takes all major credit cards, check, money order or WRG Gift Certificate. Any documents, certificates, copies or postage will be billed separately and at cost. Mileage outside of the Denver Metro area will be billed at the current rate authorized by the IRS.

Client authorizes WRG to perform _____ hours of genealogical research. Once WRG has reached the hourly objective the client will be contacted to go over the project and to get authorization for any further research should any be needed. This continued research will be billed in two hour segments.

WRG shall provide Client with the final product on or before ____weeks. Should WRG need an extension the Client will be notified and an additional thirty days will automatically be granted.

Client will sign and return the letter of agreement along with a 50% deposit. Upon receiving all items listed above and existing information from Client, WRG will begin research as outlined above.

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