About Gail

When my father-in-law passed away in 1992, I was soon the keeper of many of the family photos, a Bible and a hand drawn family tree. With my mother-in-law also deceased I felt a strong desire to know more about my husband’s family. His memorabilia and hidden treasures piqued my interest. With the help of a friend I started my journey.  What I realized along the way was that I loved the research, the digging and I soon developed a real passion for genealogy.  My curiosity took over and now we have a family tree with many new branches and stories of our own.

I grew up in the beautiful Great Lakes state of Michigan and have photo 1lived in Denver Colorado for almost thirty years. I have done some research in Colorado for friends and out of state for fellow genealogists. However, most of my research has been in Michigan, Kentucky, & Pennsylvania.  Researching from afar had been a challenge but with all of the resources available online it has become a little easier. However,  research road trips are sometimes still very necessary to explore all of your resources while searching for your ancestors. Technology has changed significantly since I began my personal family research over 20 years ago. We are fortunate to have an abundance of Internet and social media sites dedicated to genealogy but they can be overwhelming and the research daunting. I am very familiar and stay current with technology and also understand that so many discoveries are still found in courthouses, archives, libraries and other repositories. It’s a wonderful marriage of old and new resources that will allow me to research and document your family tree. I look forward to helping you discover your roots and creating memories for you and your family.


Bachelor of Science in Business Management, State University of New York