Genealogy is growing in popularity as more and more people are becoming interested in their heritage. We are curious by nature and Willow Road Genealogy was born out of this inquisitiveness and interest.

Gail Tobias Smith is the principal researcher at Willow Road Genealogy and has been researching her own family for over 20 years. Researching has changed significantly over the past few decades. Records and documents can now be found on the internet, however tracking down records in courthouses, archives and libraries are very important elements. We have the expertise to use all available resources, tie them together and create an ancestral story.

Willow Road Genealogy has done research in Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Colorado. However, we have the resources to research in any state and in some cases Internationally. We perform record retrieval and  look ups at local repositories. If you are a beginner who just needs help getting started or guidance in your own research or want to expand your multi-generation research: Paternal and/or Maternal, Willow Road Genealogy can assist you with your needs.

“In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past, bridge to our future.” Alex Haley